Monday, January 2, 2012

PITCHfx resources

Most of the posts on this website will deal with PITCHfx data in some capacity, so here are some resources. These will teach you a lot no matter what level of experience you have. One great primer is this one, originally posted in a Hardball Times annual and posted later online, written by Mike Fast. A second primer that you should read can be found here, written by Josh Smolow. These two primers are very informative and should give you a very good grasp on how to responsibly leverage the data to learn about baseball. Here's one last piece that you should read, also by Mike Fast; it talks about common mistakes made with PITCHfx. As far as I'm concerned, these pieces are required reading for working with the data. 

Best way to play with the data is to get your own database though. Lots already written about that on the internet, so I won't rehash the various methods right now. If you can't get your own though, that's ok, but you'll need to rely on Joe Lefkowitz' site

You will get the most out of my website if you read the articles that I have linked to. In a few minutes I will post something on R resources. 

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